SwimOutlet is the largest aquatic online retailer in the US. My team manages promotional campaigns and product design for our storefront. We A/B test creative and new site features, as well as collaborate with top brands for strong campaigns. Despite the Outlet name, we carry the latest and greatest aquatic gear.
The SwimOutlet storefront was completely designed in house, and the UI recently underwent a serious redesign from the ground up. Take a peek at our design system below:​​​​​​​
We take imagery seriously. It's our primary marketing asset and it pays to have it look good. We have our own photo studio for both product shots and custom photo shoots. We also collaborate heavily with our key brands to showcase their look and feel.
We utilize an extensive email marketing calendar with data driven execution - consistent YOY growth in subscriber numbers and revenue. Smart segmentation keeps high engagement within our email lists.
No apparel brand survives without social media. Ours is seriously put together, and informed with ever changing data sets.
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