MOCAP’s (aquired by Sportrader in 2017) artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms turn raw player-location data — about 1 million x,y coordinates per game — into data-driven insights used by the pros.

As the Senior Designer, I focused on transforming the massive amounts of data into easily digested & approachable visuals that could be used by both fans and teams alike. ​​​​​​​We officially partnered with the NBA and were an integral part of the Warrior's analytics team during the 2013 and 2014 seasons.
Our system of dynamically populated cards allowed for quick visualizations of pre and post game data and could be updated in real time with user requested parameters. Below are some examples:
With the massive success we saw in the NBA we quickly expanded to the NFL as well.
Our work with the Golden State Warriors led to an exciting aquisition by Sportradar.
“MOCAP Analytics has developed premiere AI-powered data storytelling software and algorithms for fan engagement and they have been creating rich NBA and NFL content for years,” said Carsten Koerl, Founder and CEO, Sportradar. “By combining their software and algorithms with our data and partnerships, our clients will be able to deliver snackable, visual and original content across all platforms and channels worldwide. Our Game Stories and Game Stream will be the first products to bring these experiences to life. This acquisition allows us to pursue an exciting area of growth where one thing is certain – fan discussion will never be the same.”
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